HattieS® Products
Hattie Sanderson is the creator of  HattieS® brand products including instructional DVD's, HattieS Patties® and many more products that enhance the metal clay creation experience.
Below are descriptions of the HattieS® product line. Hattie does not sell her products directly from her studio. They are available from various distributors and retailers. The complete line is available online  from MetalClaySupply.com  located in Jacksonville, Texas, USA and can be shipped world wide.
Here is the direct link to purchase  HattieS® products online:
Or, you can call Metal Clay Supply toll free at  (800)  388-2001
The HattieS® Product Line
HattieS® Texture Mats  are an exciting line of texture mats designed specifically for making impressions in clay. The designs range from BOLD GRAPHIC designs to VERY SUBTLE designs that emulate metal roll printing. Each design has been hand drawn by Hattie Sanderson. Many of  the designs coordinate with projects in Hattie's book, "Contemporary Metal Clay."  Go to www.MetalClaySupply.com/Hattie to see and purchase the entire line.
HattieS®  Contemporary Metal Clay  DVD's   are internationally top ranked instructional media for metal clay. 
To see a  video clip by one of my retail vendors, please visit:
"...your DVD's are absolutely wonderful!  I have been doing metal clay work for about 4 years and have found the instructional DVD's amazingly helpful!  Who knew there was so much more you could learn about working with metal clay..... They are extremely well done and the details about each project are fantastic! ...."  
"....I'm thrilled not only with the amount of information but with the comprehensive way in which it is presented...awesome!..."
"....you totally deserve the enthusiatic recommendations of your instructional DVD's.  I used to work as a Director of Corporate Training and I've got pretty high standards for instructional materials, and yours are really superb!...."
"....Hattie Sanderson is an excellent teacher which is evident in her measured pace and thorough presentation.  If you know nothing about metal clay, these are the DVDs to get.  Sanderson covers the basics and moves you logically from one aspect of the process to another, explaining every detail along the way...."
HattieS Patties®   are the original ring sizing inserts that assure proper ring sizing as the metal clay shrinks during firing. Hattie first introduced HattieS Patties® to her students in early 2003 after experimenting with the concept in her studio for a year to create her own rings. The patties were born out of  Hattie's frustration with  rings shrinking to various sizes during firing based on the variables of ring thickness
, width, inclusions etc.   In 2004, Hattie introduced HattieS Patties® to a broader audience in a presentation at the International PMC Conference. Before the conference, the patties were only available to Hattie's students and by word of mouth.  Today, HattieS PattieS® are available world wide along with other HattieS® products.
     Here is a link to a video mini-mercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmLbfg07Pz4&feature=related
     To use HattieS Patties® with PMC3 or Art Clay 650 silver  clays, create your ring 2 USA sizes larger for PMC3 ,1.5 sizes larger for Art Clay 650, and 3 sizes larger for PMC Sterling to accomodate for shrinkage. Place the pattie in the center of the ring for firing. Fire to the highest recommended temperature and time for the metal clay type you are using. Complete directions are included in the packaging. 
     For Hattie's complete step by step ring making instructions, see
 HattieS® DVD 2, Metal Clay Rings.
HattieS®  Half Sizer Strips  are precision cut 1" x 3" ceramic sheets  used to increase the size of HattieS PattieS® by one half size.  Use of these half sizer's extends the range of the HattieS PattieS™ and allows for even more precision in making your rings to precise sizes utilizing the HattieS PattieS® system of making rings.
HattieS®  Ring Forming Strips (RFS)   are non-pourous strips that are ideal for preventing metal clay from sticking to the mandrel.   They are available  in 1" widths for tapered mandrels as well as extra wide width to fit with the Multi-Mandrel™.
HattieS®  Embossed Effects™ Texture Mats are available in many shapes, textures and themes that feature a raised design.  Use the textures in a variety of different combinations to create your own unique works of art. There are several different designs to choose from.
HattieS® Sanding Sticks 
come in three widths - 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" and all are 3-1/2" long.  They are made from high grade wet/dry sandpaper that is bonded to a fiberboard backing which makes them semi-rigid. They won’t shed bits of grit which could contaminate your metal clay. The 1/8" size is Hattie's favorite refining tool for detail work and sanding the inside of rings and the 1/4" and 1/2" sanding sticks are ideal for general refining.  Any artist who does a lot of sanding knows that sanding papers can clog up quite fast, rendering them useless. HattieS® Sanding Sticks are designed so that you always have a fresh sanding surface with just a snip of the scissors!

HattieS® Tool Kit   has all the right tools that you need to get started working with metal clay. This tool kit is the same as what
Hattie uses on her DVD series.
HattieS®  Words of Inspiration Stamps  are tiny words to add just the right message to your artwork.
HattieS®  Kanji Stamps   feature symbols for tranquility, harmony, good fortune and peace. The sample shown here has  been filled in with colored resins.
Hatties®  Maglettes™  are metal clay molds that house 4 different sizes of super strong magnets. The Maglettes allow for the shrinkage of Art Clay 650, PMC+ and PMC3. Use this product for making super strong metal clay magnetic clasps!
HattieS®  Drying Mats  are the ideal surface for forming and drying metal clay. The handy grid allows artists to form, measure, trim, and dry metal clay all on the same surface.
HattieS®  Work Surface  is the ideal size and surface for creating Metal Clay projects. It is lightweight, non-porous, and portable. This work surface is 2-sided! The front side is for general metal clay work and features handy measuring guides, firing chart, and a thickness guide for creating various types of  jewelry. Also, the work surface is loaded with tips and every day useful information at your fingertips such as repairs, combining   metal clay types, and working with dichroic glass inclusions. The back side is dedicated to Hattie's step by step ring making tips.
HattieS®  Ring Shank Guide 
is the ideal tool to help you create beautiful and perfect metal clay ring shanks! This guide eliminates the guesswork in rolling out rings to the right length and is also excellent for creating tapered and complex ring shanks.
HattieS® QuikArt™ Ring Shank Templates
These templates make designing ring shanks quicker and easier than ever before! They come in a variety of designs from simple to fancy and include centering and sizing guides.

HattieS®  No Stick™  is a great non-stick coating for hands, tools, textures and more.  The coating will prevent metal clay from sticking.  Safe, Non-toxic.
HattieS®  Moisture Mist™  is excellent for rejuvinating Metal Clay.  Press lump of clay into a flat pancake.  Spray one spritz of HattieS ™ Moisture Mist onto flattened clay. Fold clay in upon itself and then knead gently.  Wrap Metal Clay in plastic and let rest 5-60 minutes.  The drier the clay the longer it will take to rejuvinate.
HattieS®  Drying Feet are handy for supporting your ring mandrel during the drying process. They give the mandrel a low profile so it is close to your heat source as shown in Hattie's second DVD which focuses on ring making.
HattieS®  Carving Kit 
allows you to carve your own original designs with either positive or negative relief for your metal clay creations.  The kit includes one carving handle, two medium shaped v cutters, two wide v-shaped cutters and six 2" x 3" carving blocks.  With this kit you can carve on the included blocks or directly into bone dry metal clay for two completely different looks!  
HattieS®  Bloom Mesh
is a flexible mesh that  is easy to use and burns away during firing. Simply press a ball of metal clay through the mesh, let the clay dry, then trim excess mesh. The Bloom can be fired alone or attached to another design before firing.  The sample shows a fine silver bezel cup pressed into the still soft metal clay bloom.
Steel Tent/Cage for Reduction Firing
Hattie has designed a tent/cage out of 80 mesh steel screen to keep carbon granules away from PMC STERLING and PMC PRO rings during reduction firing to aleviate distortion issues. See detailed pdf report and ordering information at the following link:

Here is the direct link to purchase  HattieS® products online:
Or, you can call Metal Clay Supply toll free  at  (800)  388-2001

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