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Brynmorgen Press is pleased to announce the publication of an important  book by well-known artist and teacher, Hattie Sanderson. This comprehensive text is clearly the ultimate word on metal clay, particularly as it is used in the creation of rings. Over 700 photos illustrate the tools, processes, and stunning results available to aspiring artists. The instructional text would be a weighty book all by itself, but the text is augmented with 21 projects by the author and scores of rings made by craftspeople from around the world.

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....The book is phenomenal.  Your book is the BEST metal clay book I have ever read!! I have practically every MC book out and yours is undoubtedly the best laid out book ever!! You have great tips and tricks, beautiful pictures for inspiration and perfect pictures demonstrating technique! It reminds me of my medical textbooks because the quality of the pages, and the photos are also excellent! I have never felt so compelled to write an author like this but I wanted to just say what a phenomenal metal clay book!! I hope one day take a class with as you have so much knowledge to share. Thanks for such a great book and the inspiration to create!....
...As someone who has been working with metal clay for a while, I must admit that I was tempted to jump ahead to the projects.  However, knowing that information on this medium is ever-evolving I thought it important to start from the beginning, and I was not disappointed.  You have provided many new tips that have improved the fluidity of my working process, and I greatly appreciate that.  I find that it is always beneficial to return to the basics, both because it refreshes our minds and we learn something new from our own perspective too.
I am so glad that you took on this and your DVD library project.  I know that they were very time consuming and ambitious projects, but you are such an excellent teacher.  You are so well thought and organized, and that comes across in your live, video, and written instruction. I also appreciate that your book goes from the basics through the advanced projects.  I think that is what will make it a staple in peoples learning libraries, that they can learn and grow with it and reflect back on it as a reference guide as well.  Thanks for all of your hard work!....

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About the Artist

Hattie Sanderson is an artist, instructor  and author working in metal clay. She began her career as an art director in the graphic design field. In 1990 Hattie opened her own studio to explore, create and teach in the disciplines of fiber and metal.  In the mid 1990's Hattie was introduced to metal clay. Since then, her fascination with this material has become her main focus.
Hattie shares her love of metal clay as a speaker and through workshops as time permits. She  is known for her enthusiastic, thorough and approachable teaching style. Hattie has taught classes for several years and  has earned the  credentials of senior instructor for both Art Clay® and PMC® metal clays. She has also earned the International Metal Clay Masters Registry II status. Hattie has travelled internationally as a speaker and instructor and enjoys working in all types of settings that range from small groups in a local home studio to large groups at an international venue.
Hattie's work  has won many national awards and is published in several notable books and publications. Please click on the "Gallery" page to see images of her work.
Hattie is the creator of  HattieS® brand products including instructional DVD's, HattieS Patties® and many more products that enhance the metal clay creation experience.
Hattie's studio is located on the family farm in northern Illinois, USA where she and her husband raise corn, soybeans, cattle and hogs. They are blessed with two wonderful children.
Metal Clay Workshops, Projects, & Video Clips
I have decided that it's time to hang up my teaching apron after many years of sharing my knowledge and explorations of the metal clay medium.

Life is calling me to seek new creative endeavors.

My hope is that my book and instructional DVD's will continue to teach and inspire artists for many years to come! 

For downloadable projects, tips, video clips,  technical information, etc. please visit my page at Metal Clay Guru.com Here is the link:
About Metal Clay
Metal Clay is silver, gold, bronze, copper or steel in a clay form. It is a fascinating material that can be shaped, textured and formed into beautiful jewelry and sculpture limited only by your imagination and skill level. Once formed in the desired shape, the metal clay is heated to sintering temperatures where the organic binders burn off and the metal particles fuse into a solid piece.
HattieS® Products 
Please  visit the "HattieS® Products" page of this website for descriptions of the HattieS® product line.  Hattie does not sell her products directly from her studio. They are available from various distributors and retailers. The complete line is available from Metal Clay Supply located in Jacksonville, Texas, USA and can be shipped world wide. Here is the link:
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